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More about Coaching


“What the thinker thinks, the prover proves” – Robert Anton Wilson

Questions that lead to insights

During coaching sessions, as your coach, I will ask some focused and powerful questions which will help you to gain fresh perspective and new insights

Coaching tools

You will be introduced to a number of proven coaching tools that will help you to change, unblock and release old ideas and behaviors that are no longer serving you. You will have these tools for life and can use them to help yourself and others get fresh perspective on problems or dilemmas.

The difference between coaching and counseling

Coaching focuses on the present (things you don’t like or want to improve on) and the future (what you want) and then on finding ways to motivate and change so that you can get more of what you want. Counselling & some parts of hypnotherapy seek to diagnose and get to the bottom of what the psychological causes of the problem might be, often by delving into the past to find out what went wrong and then working on how to fix it.

(Since I am also a counsellor and hypnotherapist, I will recommend when and how to drop into diagnosing the problem, as appropriate)

There is a lot of neuroscience research (see Coaching and Neuroscience) that supports the theory that we can change our perceptions and experiences of the past leading to new thinking, behaviours and a more positive current and future life experience.

Some people choose to have a coach and a therapist.

Coach and Client Relations

In addition to my own rich life experience, I am professionally qualified to coach and hypnotherapist, which means I have learned and practiced a wide range of techniques and skills to best serve you. Beyond technical skill, I am committed to championing you all the way. Trust is built through safe, confidential coaching sessions. My clients often find themselves comfortable in talking about things for the first time. This is, for many, one of the long-lasting and meaningful benefits of having a coach.