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Why have an Executive Coach?


It can be lonely at the top.
Can you trust the feedback you’re getting?

Improving leadership skills and job performance without input from others about strengths, development areas, opportunities, and workplace realities, is challenging. That’s why many leaders choose to work with a coach on a development plan to achieve specific goals or a desired business result.

An executive coach helps you leverage your strengths and become more effective in your work.  The focus is on how you can make the specific behavioural changes you want to make that are in line with your current values and goals.  These changes are sustainable, measurable, and observable by yourself and others.


Tangible benefits of executive coaching for companies include:

  • Increased quality
  • Improved leadership
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved employee retention and commitment
  • A work environment where employees are productive, feel valued, and WANT to show up to work each day!

Tangible benefits of executive coaching for executives include:

  • High-potential employees evolve into high functioning managers or leaders;
  • Executives change the way they are perceived within an organization to enhance their promotability
  • Executives create a high-performing team
  • Executives successfully manage an important transition in their work role or responsibility
  • Executives discover and leverage their strengths as they improve on their development areas
  • Executives are more successful and satisfied with their professional role and career.

Who might benefit from executive coaching?

Professionals who:

  • Are new to their managerial or leadership role
  • Want to improve relationships with a boss, peers, and/or direct reports to positively impact their effectiveness, job satisfaction, and promotability within an organization
  • Know that employees want to feel valued, want to do good work, and experience themselves at their best
  • Desire to move from a fear and control management style to one of love and support
  • Desire to create a work environment with more trust, where employees want to show up
  • Desire to be more authentic and fully express themselves in their work
  • Feel burned out, or out-of-balance in their work and personal life
  • Desire work and a career that is worthwhile and fulfilling

How does Executive Coaching work?

  • Initial meeting to discuss needs and set framework
  • Agree to the coaching engagement – number of coaching sessions and or time, usually three to six months, meeting each week or bi-weekly
  • Coaching takes place either by phone or in person
  • Initial session may take two hours. Sessions are normally one hour
  • During the initial session goals and objectives are discussed and agreed
  • The second session often includes strategy setting to place all the markers which will need to be reached in order to obtain the agreed goals
  • The length of each coaching session is usually one hour
  • Coaching clients will bring their agenda to each session
  • The session will normally consist of reviewing previous agreed actions, coaching conversations around problems or issues, working out what the next step is to move forward to the goal
  • Coaching clients will usually agree to taking actions between sessions

My Style

I believe that a person’s performance is optimised if she or he is:




What a person needs in order to feel able, motivated, happy and stretched varies from person to person. One size doesn’t fit all and I will work with a team or individual to establish what the person’s current relationship is to those four key points. We will then work out what needs developing and create a plan for optimum performance.

All coaching sessions are held in strictest confidence. 

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