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Addiction SOS


“Inside the heart of each and every one of us there is a longing to be understood by someone who really cares” – Rev Ed Hird

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Addiction is a disease not a disgrace.

Help for the Addicted or Dependent and their families who are seeking recovery

I offer a personalized service for addicts (alcohol, drugs, food, gambling etc.) and their families who are facing addiction.

In addition to being a qualified Recovery Coach (see Addiction and Recovery Coaching), I also have a full understanding of the start to finish recovery process. My Addiction SOS work is designed to take the burden away from you, as I guide the suffering addict and their family, towards recovery and getting the help they need.

The struggle with addiction is different for every ‘addict’ and their family. Living, work and cultural situations vary; some addicts are chronic, some are not. Please see Addiction and Dependency for a summary of addictions. I therefore prefer to discuss each case individually with the addict or their family and develop a personalized ‘recovery’ and care package that will be most beneficial. My recovery programs are designed to take the addict and if appropriate, their family from where they are now to living comfortably in recovery.

Please see also My Journey with Addiction

Below is a list of some initiatives I may suggest as a program of action to help the addict into long-term recovery:

  • Initial assessment either face-to-face or by telephone
  • Referral to medical practitioner where appropriate
  • Referral to a specialised addiction therapist where appropriate
  • Intervention
  • Addiction recovery coaching program for the addict
  • Recovery coaching program for the family
  • Recommendation and placement at suitable addiction treatment centre
  • Escort service to and from addiction rehabilitation centre
  • Referral to a 12 step self help group
  • Recovery buddying

Everything I do is always in the strictest confidence, Please do Contact Me to talk about what your next step might need to be. 


Setting the addict on the road to recovery. 

Many addicts, whether they use alcohol, drugs, food, gambling or whatever, are often in denial about how their addiction affects their family. An intervention process is designed to help break the denial the addict may have around his/her addiction and also deliver an ultimatum around the addict seeking help.

An intervention will, after careful preparation and planning, put the addict, their family and a professional interventionist together. The family will confront the addict with how they have hurt other people. This process is often very powerful for both the family and the addict and helps the addict to see their addiction clearly.

I work with a professional interventionist to help all those affected to understand that addiction can affect the entire family unit.

The purpose of the family intervention is twofold:

  1. Help the addicted family member see that his or her actions have affected a large group of people, and help that family member to decide to seek treatment and find long-term recovery.
  2. Help the members of the family to understand the parts they have played in their own discomfort, and to provide tools for the affected family members to begin healing themselves and to help them participate in the healing process for their entire family.

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