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My Journey with Addiction


 “A ship is safe in harbor, but that is not what a ship was built for.” – William H Shed

After losing my teenage and early 20’s to various dependencies, primarily drugs, food and alcohol, I was fortunate enough to find recovery and have been living an addiction-free life since 1992.

It’s been quite a journey, at times wild and unpredictable, often calm and peaceful, but always an adventure enjoyed with enormous amounts of gratitude for being free of addiction. Given my passion for people, it is hardly surprising (to me anyway) that there is little that gives me more of a sense of fulfilling my life purpose than witnessing another’s (or their family’s) recovery from their own addiction nightmare.

This is why I qualified not only as a life and business coach, but also specifically as an addiction and dependency recovery coach. I have also found Hypnotherapy to be a very useful adjunct in attaining an easy freedom from compulsion and obsession.

I coach from the journey’s start until as far into recovery as I’m useful. That means dependants and their family’s who are exploring the possibilities of recovery, right through to recovering dependants who, now they are comfortable with being addiction-free, are keen to fully explore their new world and the exciting journeys of growth it has to offer. Addicts in recovery benefit from coaching when they want to really accelerate the good stuff, change direction, and/or reassess values, life choices and life purpose.

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