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“Working with Lisa has changed my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. When I first contacted Lisa I was in a state of desperation. Depression and anxiety had a firm grip on my life, to the point where I could not leave my bed, let alone go to work or do anything remotely productive with my day. After four months of sessions with Lisa (1 or 2 sessions a month – more regular early on) I am in a place of peace and happiness that I have never experienced before. I have tried other therapies in the past with very little benefit.

 There are many factors that set Lisa apart, her professionalism, knowledge and experience are second to none. This was clear early on as she was able to recognise very quickly exactly what I needed and when I needed it. Lisa used mainly talk therapy and hypnotherapy during my sessions. I was given the guidance and support I needed as Lisa took the time to get to know me and my issues very well. When I gained more confidence the sessions changed appropriately and Lisa gave some expert recommendations and conclusions on how I could progress and continue to build on the work we were doing. She has a unique ability to show kindness and empathy, while at the same time challenging my self-destructive behaviors, all within a safe and caring environment.” James, Abu Dhabi. 

“I went to see Lisa after having reached what was arguably the lowest possible point in my life, and at nearly age sixty that means something.  I felt entirely trapped by my circumstances and poor choices, and in the depths of my despair couldn’t see how the future could possibly hold any promise for me. I felt I had no professional prospects, I felt lonely and friendless in the Emirates, and took no pleasure in life.

Part of my distress was that I have done so much therapy of all kinds in my life, that I didn’t see what yet another therapist could propose that I hadn’t already tried, but I was desperate for help.

To my surprise, Lisa’s approach – a combination of gentleness and delivery of flat truths, recommended self-work, her experience, understanding and technical skills such as hypnotherapy – all contributed to guiding me out of the black depths I was in.

I am today happy, excited about my future, ready to take on some risks; I have a growing circle of good friends and I believe that is the case because I enjoy life so much.  I could say I look like and am a totally different person, but in fact Lisa has helped me peel back the layers to bring out the positive, fun-loving, dynamic person I was meant to be.

Lisa did not “make” me this way.  She called on me to make big efforts and take hard looks at myself in the mirror.  It’s work.  But her loving guidance has made it possible for me to save myself, and in my long experience of psychotherapists tells me that this is rare.

I can only highly recommend her.” Cecile,M. Abu Dhabi

“I cannot thank Lisa  enough for the help I received during our therapy sessions.  Lisa’s expertise in addiction both valued and complimented my 12 step recovery, while supporting me to look even more closely myself, finding the root cause of my problems. I found her to have a unique and wonderful way of making me feel safe and cared for, giving me the freedom and courage to explore my inner world.

The insights I gained while in therapy with Lisa have lead to a renewed lease of life for me. My confidence and self belief have soared, and I am now in a place I couldn’t have dreamt of being in before therapy. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to experience positive changes in their lives. ” Christine, Abu Dhabi. 

Thanks to Lisa I have been able to start experiencing life without anxiety for the first time in 7 years. Lisa is welcoming, understanding and makes you feel completely at ease, best decision I have made in a long time!’ Katie, Abu Dhabi. 

“I just wanted to get in touch and say thank you for the sessions we had. I am 7lbs away from my goal, and have not touched sugar since our first meeting on Sep 01 last year. That’s all down to you (and some small changes from me!) so thank you.” Caroline, Abu Dhabi. 

“Thank you Lisa for helping me to change my life around. I was suffering with health anxiety and after meeting with Lisa things felt better after a few sessions. I continued with hypnotherapy and counselling  until I was able to deal with these anxieties myself and one day as if by magic they finally disappeared. Thank you from the bottom of my heart & if i find myself struggling again I will definitely pay a visit to Lisa.”  Claire, Abu Dhabi.

“You helped me last year with some anxiety related phobia I experienced on arriving in Dubai – I’m happy to say that the impact of our sessions seems to still be there – I even caught a red back spider in the garden without too much fuss!” Kate, Dubai.   

” I began attending sessions with Lisa after spending 10 years in the vice grip of an eating disorder. I could see no way out of it and had begun to lose hope and thought maybe this is just me and the way I am.
Slowly, she worked with and guided me through the healing process and enabled me to discover and accept things about myself. We used a variety of therapies that empowered me to live my life on my terms. Before her sessions I suffered from anxiety and poor relationships with my family. The last few months of my life have opened up a new world to me. I feel confident, independent and most of all content and happy with life as it is. The control food had over my life seems like a distant nightmare that belongs to some other person. Lisa doesn’t heal you, its much more than that, she gives you the tools, guidance and ability to heal yourself. I had tried so many therapies and will be forever grateful for the path that led me to Lisa. Her compassion and the belief she instilled in me that, no matter what, everything would be okay and I could handle it have brought me such a sense of peace. I cannot recommend her skills highly enough. Thank you Lisa.”  Sarah, Abu Dhabi
 “I met and began working with Lisa just prior to my 40th birthday. My personal life was a mess, and professionally, I was settling for mediocrity and I knew it.  I had experienced a great deal of success professionally during my mid-20s, but had no idea how I’d ever get back on track with that.  The first things that impressed me about Lisa is her intelligence and professionalism.  She marries those two qualities so well with her warm, caring nature.  I’m a really good judge of character, and I could sense that, once we’d discussed my problems, she genuinely cared about seeing me doing better.  She knew just how to help me, just what to say, and not a moment was wasted on trying to understand what my deepest needs were. She “got me” right away, devised an excellent plan, and saw me through to much better circumstances for myself.  I’d recommend Lisa to anyone facing challenges.” John, Al Ain

“I cannot begin to say how much Lisa changed my life. With her guidance and light, she ensured that my past wounds heal, and remain healed. She equipped me with thoughts and tools that would make me independent and confident in knowing and pursuing my dreams. It was worth every minute, and I am forever thankful to have such an experience.” Haifa, KSA

“Lisa gets it, down to the last detail. Came to Lisa having lost my drive and motivation- As a salesman, these attributes are of the most importance. 6 sessions and I am more than back on track. Drive is back and motivation is more than ever…Cheers Lisa, another happy client.” Matt, Abu Dhabi


“Dear Lisa. I would like to thank you so much for the hypnotherapy! I have been listening to the recoding twice each day now and I feel great. I feel a sense of purpose, motivation and more so love and acceptance of myself and my capabilities.” A,  Abu Dhabi

“As someone who was initially skeptical about Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy, I consider myself lucky to have found a therapist like Lisa. She truly opened my eyes to a whole new experience. I think the most striking feature about her is how intuitive she is to her patients’ needs. I remember there were times when she could literally identify my state of mind based on how I said “Hello” to her. For helping me with my issues and allowing me to rediscover my self confidence, I can’t thank her enough. I would recommend her to anyone..anytime…anyday!” SM, Abu Dhabi

“Thanks very much. I feel very blessed and lucky to have met such a true professional.  Have left both sessions feeling so upbeat and positive. You are wonderful at what you do.” Karen, Abu Dhabi

“Hi Lisa. This is emmet. I saw you in November. Haven’t smoked since. Got engaged at Christmas. You helped me keep a ver important promise. Thank you very much.”

“Three months ago Lisa came into my life. I was seeking something. I wasn’t quite sure what but I knew something was wrong. My life was bland, predictable and unfulfilling. Which with 3 children and a loving husband consumed me with guilt. Lisa helped me to focus on the areas in my life that required attention. It made me realise that my focus had been on my children and my husband and in doing that I had completely lost myself. Together we set realistic, timely goals that helped me to move forward and make a change. In 3 months my life has completely turned around, which brings with it new challenges. Through my bi-monthly meetings with Lisa I am managing my life to ensure I get the best out and that I am achieving goals and moving forward. I feel like I am living again. I love the fact that I get to offload my stress, sort through it and focus on the real issues. I love the fact that I am planning for my future and realising dreams. I love the fact that my family are benefiting from my focus and drive. Lisa has been like a breath of fresh air and is so easy to talk to. She feels more like my friend than my life coach. ” Rhian, Dubai

“Thank you so much for your help, you started the ball rolling for me, I know I should have seen you a long time ago!” Liz, Abu Dhabi

“Lisa is great coach. I was in a spot in my life where I felt stuck, and depressed about certain aspects of my life. She asked the right questions and gave me assignments to spur my imagination. As a result of our talking and me actually taking the action to work towards self-love, my life changed for the better. We all have the answers inside of us, but sometimes we need someone to hold us accountable to our dreams and take some direction on them. Lisa was this person for me.” Kimmy from Hawaii

“I found the process hugely uplifting and very enlightening, despite a history of cynicism and doubtful mindset. Lisa enabled me to hurdle these mental obstacles and, over 12 weeks, helped me open clear paths to attainable goals in three areas of my life which have defeated me for years. I thoroughly recommend Lisa as a coach and would urge anyone, no matter their professional or personal standing, to take advantage of the opportunities for remarkable growth and development that life-coaching can provide. I would also encourage any prospective coachee to be open-minded; what you want in in life (as in my case) might be veiled by shrouds of self-doubt and inherent prejudice – I could never have lifted this veil on my own.” Ivan, Abu Dhabi

“I’ve worked with executive coaches thru work and your style stands out.” Asma, UAE

“I have only had a handful of hypnotherapy sessions with Lisa and she has changed my life to a level which I didn’t think was possible.  I was a little skeptical at first but I trusted Lisa implicitly having had other types of therapy with her before.  I’ve been through the hardest time of my life recently and within just a couple of months, I can honestly say, I feel like I’m going through the best time of my life now.  It is like miracles have happened!.  The best part about the hypnotherapy is that it has been pretty painless compared to other types of therapy, in fact, I have really enjoyed them!   I did however work very hard on the ‘accelerator’ tasks in between sessions which I think has made all the difference. I would highly recommend this to anyone as I would love for other people to experience the amazing results I have.” Sally, Abu Dhabi

“Lisa is more than a therapist to me; throughout my therapy and coaching, I felt she was like a long lost friend who helped guide me when I felt lost. I hope everyone who needs to talk or pour out their feelings gets the chance to speak with Lisa. The results are rewarding and really make an impact on yourself the others around you. What you truly feel is that someone is coaching you, watching you as you set new goals in your life. ” Norma, Abu Dhabi

“After hitting a hopeless point in my life, I found out about Lisa through researching online. Working with Lisa took me on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and letting free all my hate, shame and anger. I’m so lucky to have found Lisa and been inspired by her encouraging wisdom. Looking back now, I see what a wonderful, life-saving experience it has been!” Sara Abu Dhabi

“Lisa did a coaching session with my teenage daughter and her clarity of purpose added to her direct and compassionate approach helped my child name the issues that were bothering her. With Lisa’s help, viable strategies to overcome these problems were found. Now that my daughter is more aware, her attitude overall has transformed. She is more confident and has come to realise that through talking things through in a heart-felt yet ‘structured’ way, tensions can be aired and life solutions can be found. I am a big believer in the power of coaching and Lisa Laws brings radical honesty to the process which is ultimately what is needed to shed light and find a path to progress.”
Lisa Durante Dubai

“I would recommend Lisa as a coach to change habits on alcohol and life. She is non judgemental, non-threatening and her insights are powerful. I found I changed my habits quickly and easily with simple suggestions she made. I have recommended her to friends. She maintains an even balance in the coaching relationship and her suggestions and forward looking approach is very practical and revealing. Anne Dubai

“ Coaching with Lisa is like talking to the “right” side of your consciousness, she is the angel that knows how to set you back on the right track! I feel so blessed that Lisa has entered my life, and has helped me to bring out my light , the light that will guide my way through life , through the easy roads and the rocky ones.
She has equipped me with tools and techniques to deal with myself and life challenges. She has helped me to know better and understand my real self. She is a gift from the universe! She is one of those people you encounter in your life and that you are very glad to have met . she has touched and changed my life forever and allowed me to see more clearly. “ Joelle Abu Dhabi

“Lisa has an amazing talent of letting you see right through yourself; guiding you to find the right path of your life; your passion. And to really appreciate who you are, what you really deserve, and fulfil your dreams. She put me on the right way”. Samah UAE

“I have found myself exploring new thoughts within , Lisa has been an inspiring person as she listens to all your thoughts and simply reads what you are thinking , giving understanding to the meaning of you emotions. Lisa understands your pain, your problem and helps you get in contact with whom you are now and whom you would like to be. I have found her good energy so refreshing and being able to talk to some one whom is really there to help you , guide you in the right direction. Thank you Lisa” …. David Dubai

“I found Lisa to be a wonderful coach and she managed to simplify everything for me and gave me a clear plan to work with. Her commitment was above and beyond the time we spent together and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone” Vanessa Leeder, Las Vegas

“A true emotional journey is what I experienced with you Lisa. You touched my life in many ways. I can’t thank you enough. Life coaching with you made me realize the real values in my life, I learn a lot about myself and now I have an increased confidence in the decisions I want to take. Simply I have a clearer idea of what I want to become and actually I am able to move forward. I really appreciate every minute of your time and commitment to helping me make a difference to my life. I truly recommend you with no hesitance.” Linda, Dubai