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About Lisa Laws


“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”   Zig Ziglar 

I am an experienced UAE based Hypnotherapist,  Life, Relationship, Business and Addiction/Dependency recovery coach, with over twenty years experience supporting people into better living. I draw on my professional skills, my own rich emotional and spiritual experiences and most importantly my clients creativity and ‘knowing’ to help my clients define and reach the goals they desire for themselves and often thought unattainable.

Personal Vision

As a person who is dedicated to her own self-development and passionate about people, my vision is to help people believe in and say yes to achieving their fullest potential.

Why I chose healing

After a thoroughly rewarding fifteen years with corporates, serving both SME & Multinational companies – I realised that my true passion is people and helping them to shine brighter on their own journeys. I love counselling and Hypnotherapy which helps identify the true nature of ‘issues’ and provides a safe healing space to work through and grieve those issues. And with that, coaching, which is  all about moving forward, solutions, setting our sights on where we want to be and finding the best  way to get there. Living in the solution really hit me when I first came across ‘The Secret’ back in 2007. It changed my thinking and changing my thinking changed my life. Since then, I’ve filled in a lot of gaps by just throwing my dreams and wishes wildly into the cosmos – and then focusing on what I want and staying present in my life today. At times I’ve needed to go back into my own ‘issues’, do the work, root out limiting beliefs, grieve and prepare for change and then I’m ready again to move forward. Through experience I have learned that the hypnotherapy/coach/counselling approach I offer  not only helps people to have the courage to focus and go for their goals, but through the journey people discover more about who they are, their values and what goals are most important to them in life. And the best thing is, we don’t give space to the critical parent –  telling off, shaming or bullying to getting things done. If you learn nothing else by reading this, please imprint in your brains:

Should is S . . T 

… and every time you hear yourself saying, “I should”, change it to “I could or, I would like to” … or “I will” … Should is negative and a fast way to feeling bad about ourselves. Should usually means we either don’t do it (or they don’t do it) and if we do it, it’ll probably be done without enthusiasm and passion.

DISCLAIMER: I am a coach and hypnotherapist; I am not a medical practitioner and make no claims to be one. As your coach and/or hypnotherapist  I will always suggest or refer you to a medical practitioner when and where appropriate.