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Oct 042013

I reecntly started working with hypnosis to help client quit smoking and to be honest I am staggered, not just how effective it is as a tool, but how easy it is to feel good about quitting and to step so graciously into life as a non smoker.

Way back in 1997 I quit smoking myself. I was a hardcore morning til bedtime smoker and getting increasingly afraid of the efffects on my health and how I just didn’t want to ‘be’ a smoker. About a year before I actually stopped I made my first attempt. It lasted eleven painful hours and the relief when I quit trying to quit was huge. Fast forward a year and something was driving me harder and harder to stop … so I did, miraculously and without planning. That part was great. But the next tweleve or so months weren’t. There was not grace at all. I was angry and restless and seemed to simulaneously resent and envy those around me who were smoking. I unleashed my anger indiscriminately and basically white knucked it until about a year, maybe two later, it felt ok to be a non smoker.

Yes, I still did good stuff during that first year;  I took up running and loved it and loved the way my lungs were so big and capable. I loved the feeling of being a non smoker and was incredibly proud of myself. It was just hard work. And quitting with the help of hypnosis just seems so much easier. People tell me after just a few days, they don’t even think about smoking or crave it. I would have paid for that experience had I known it was on offer. I would have LOVED to have not wanted or craved the stuff.

Thank you to all the pioneers of hypnotherapy and the amazing advances in neuroscience for making it possible to quit without the agony.