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Mar 172012

Lottery winners are losers. Why some people make money and lose it all again.

Apparently two out of three lottery winners either lose or spend all their winnings within five years. One New Jersey woman won two lotteries – totalling $5.4 million – but blew it all on spending, gifts and gambling.

And what of the Donald Trump’s of this world who always seem to be filing for bankruptcy and then re-making their money all over again? And the ‘dot com millionaires’ who boomed and busted quicker than most of us knew what a dot-com millionaire was.

Obviously greed, poor financial planning, naivety, economic climate etc., have a very important role to play, but (in my view) so too can the Law of Attraction. How come these people are attracting huge riches and then huge losses?

And I’m interested because I am one of ‘these people’. Not as spectacularly as the ‘dot coms’ or as glamorously as a lottery winner, but in my own more humble way I made more money than I ever thought I’d have and yet I only managed to keep it for less than a year before losing more than I’d made in the first place. A bit like dieting when you end up putting on more weight than was lost (but that has to be a theme for a later blog). Of course I’ve analysed the detail and all the ‘should’ and ‘could have beens’ but the fact remains I am (or hopefully was) someone who won and then lost more than she won.

Why? Why? Why?

(Well, this may seem a little far fetched or even ridiculous to some, but here’s my view.)

The answer to the why why why is because I suffer from poverty thinking. My core belief is that I don’t deserve to have ‘winnings’ that exceed what one would earn from hard graft. And there’s definitely no such thing as a free lunch in my belief system. It’s true I’ve challenged that belief for years – citing so many hugely successful people who have made more than the sum of their hard graft and I’ve thought, why not me? The why not me attitude I believe brought me half way there – I got the riches, but the core belief that I don’t deserve it and it didn’t come through enough hard graft, ensured I wasn’t comfortable keeping it. And so it went and I got what I thought I really deserved.

People complain that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work. They are angry that they never got the job, pay rise, car, relationship or whatever was on their shopping list scheduled for delivery from the mall of the universe. And then they might even say, ‘I never really believed all that crap anyway’.

Aha. If they never believed it anyway, then of course they got what they believed they would get – which was what was on their real shopping list. You see the mall of the universe knows exactly which lists are genuine and which aren’t. If we don’t get then maybe it’s because we don’t really believe we deserve it or will get it and consequently we aren’t putting the necessary actions to actually make room for a windfall from the universe. And so we won’t. Or, in my case, we believe but not for the long haul and certainly Success was just too far removed from my true beliefs it had to go. I sent back the goods to the Mall of the Universe and was given a full refund.

So if this is true, are we all doomed to a life of non-requited wishes, separated from what we’d really like because underneath it all, deep down in that part of us that knows, we really really don’t believe we can have what we’d really like? I hope not. Affirmations and visualisations are wonderful and they really do change our beliefs and our thinking. BUT we may need to do more. We may need to revisit some of those beneath the tip of the iceberg bugbears and embark on a process of deeper, more meaningful change and healing.

Have you noticed patterns of thinking or actions in your life that aren’t working for you? Do you always end up with the same type of frustrating relationship? Do you suffer from repeated bad luck at work, home, or the same old financial woes? Have you got that great job only to find the company is struggling and you get laid off, or your wonderful boss resigns?  Are you a get-close-but-never-quite-make-it type? Do you get lots of colds and illnesses, one after the other? Do the bad eggs always seem to find their way into your life?

If you’d like to explore any of your ‘bad luck’ stories and find out what needs healing and how to break free of the cycle, then please do contact me.

A word of warning: be careful of what you wish for because you might just get it. When I’m feeling risk averse I just allow my higher power or the universe to decide what’s good for me and I just get on with what’s in front of me today.

I wish you well.