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Mar 032012

Hello folks. I was honoured to write a piece for OK! Middle East after the sad death of Whitney Houston. Here’s the transcript below:

 Addiction Coach, Lisa Laws

Life Coach, Addiction Coach, Mentor

Whitney Houston’s shock death in a Beverley Hills hotel room on the eve of the Grammys, is yet another salutary reminder that no matter how much wealth or fame one has, it isn’t always possible to buy recovery from the disease of addiction. First it was Michael Jackson, then Amy Winehouse. And now the superstar who Almost Had It All.

As a Life Coach and Addiction Recovery Coach, I know that recovery from addiction takes more than just throwing dirhams in the right direction. As a rule, treatment for addiction works best when the addict truly wants it and is willing to do anything to recover. And sadly people like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston had lots of people massaging their egos and keeping them locked in the cycle of addiction.

Addicts are in pain. That’s the bottom line. Addiction kills and the longer it goes on the more it ravages health, relationships, career prospects and of course self esteem. In the end, addicts ‘use’ to escape from themselves and the more they use, the worse and more hopeless they feel about themselves, the more they use.

If you think you or anyone you are close to might have a problem with addiction, whether it’s to drugs, alcohol, food or sex, the best advice I can give, is: Get help and get it now. Don’t ignore it. Addiction is progressive and it won’t go away, it just gets worse and the success statistics for addicts beating addiction on their own are dismal. I offer a special Addiction SOS service to help dependents and their families work out the best way to get the freedom from their addiction and the self worth they truly deserve.

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