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Feb 172012

I know it’s far fetched and won’t likely go anywhere – YET, but a recent (Californian of course) call to tax sugar since it has as many health disbenefits as alcohol, has at least brought sugar some much needed bad press.

Now I’m not saying I think sugar should be banned. Life without the odd treat might be just too dull, but What I would hope for, over time, is that more people at least become more aware of the dangers of pumping themselves and their children with too much sugar.

Moreover, wouldn’t it be great if the less obvious sugar pushers like McDonalds, Starbucks, Kelloggs and a zillion others were shamed into reducing the sugar content in their foods to more reasonable levels. Sugar makes food taste nice and it is addictive. And if children are overexposed then what hope do they have of avoiding some of the not-so-sweet potential side effects – diabetes, obesity, concentration problems – of overdoing it.

Oh and did I mention that there is some pretty strong evidence out there that cancer thrives on sugar?

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