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Feb 022012

Retail Therapy or Shopaholism

For many the word addict conjures up a rather pitiful image of a pale, skinny, generally ill-looking youngster with a needle hanging out of his or her arm; or  perhaps the town’s homeless drunk swigging cheap beer from his makeshift bar – the local park bench.

Whatever the word addict means to you I doubt a well groomed, middle class woman, the woman you might, if you saw her in a mall’s Starbucks, envy slightly as you notice the half a dozen or so shopping bags (not from Carrefour) that occupy the empty chair next to her.

Well, the truth is, addicts come in many shapes and sizes. Addiction takes its victims from all cultures, ages, classes and can strike in many forms – with alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex addiction, compulsive eating or not eating … and yes, shopping.

While Sophie Kinsella’s light-hearted read, ‘Diary of a Shopaholic,’ may be seen as nothing more than fun chic-lit, there is a serious undertone: overspending,  shopping addiction or shopaholism, is a problem – and it is ruining lives.

As someone who is not immune from overspending myself and has at times questioned what feelings I’m trying to soothe or avoid, by embarking on yet another ‘necessary’ trip the shops, I found this article on shopping addiction very sobering.

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