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Jan 212012

I’ve known for a while of the power of visualisations, affirmations, positive thinking etc. I’ve experienced some wonderful changes that I choose to believe are the result of committing to and persevering with the practice of ‘positive’ exercises.Two examples that come directly to mind are a dress size reduction I didn’t have to work at (I repeatedly imagined going to Massimo Dutti and easily slipping on a size 10 pair of trousers) and the other, a huge financial gain (there’s a long story behind that and not all of it pretty – be careful what you wish for) so I really am in no doubt about the effectiveness of these exercises, but … I find it all rather hard work, especially when I’m feeling mildly comfortable wallowing on my pity pot bemoaning my half empty glass.

And then someone sent me this link and since I know of her personal dedication to the transpersonal path, I gave it a view. And wow! Impressive, even for a lazy, critic like me.

Here it is:

And if you have picked up Zero Limits, there’s a definate relationship with the Ho’opononpono practice too.

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