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Is your professional, social, emotional, health, relationship, or ‘me’ life in need of some profound positive change? For many, Hypnotherapy and Coaching have proven to be fast and effective routes to achieving goals.

Hypnotherapy & Coaching combined enables us to utilise our most powerful internal resource – our subconscious mind – to increase drive and motivation. This in turn empowers us to harness new creative energy and turn it into focused positive action. The result? Goals achieved.

My name is Lisa Laws and I am a Life, Business, Relationship Coach, Hypnotherapist and Dependency and Addictions Recovery specialist based in the United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

I’m a believer in Coaching & Hypnotherapy –  because I’ve experienced repeated extraordinary changes in my own life and many others. Contact me to schedule an appointment so you can take that next vital step and say yes to positive change.